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Best eco glasses 2022

When we are talking about the best eco glasses for 2022 we need to think about what makes glasses eco friendly and ask why aren’t all glasses eco? The best eco friendly eyewear brands use ethical practices like recycling or carbon offsetting and sustainable materials such as bio acetate glasses, wooden glasses, recycled eyewear or 3D printed glasses.

Here are five of the best eco friendly glasses brands for 2022 in our opinion.

Feb31st best eco glasses 2022


Sustainable. Responsible. Bespoke. Feb31st glasses are made to order from FSC certified wood to reduce waste. Feb31st’s Vaia collection is crafted entirely from the 14 million Alpine Spruce trees which were victim of Storm Vaia in October 2018. Their respectful approach to nature allows you to design your own frame from millions of colour and shape combinations.

Eco Eyewear best eco glasses 2022

Eco Eyewear by MODO

Making a difference starts with making better choices. That’s why Eco made it their mission to use sustainable recycled metal, castor seed oil, and now recovered ocean plastics in their frames. And why they plant a tree for every frame purchased. Because all big changes come in the form of many small ones.

Wolf Eyewear best eco glasses 2022

Wolf Eyewear

Wolf Eyewear is a British, family-run eyewear brand that creates high-quality and innovative frames that reveal your wild side. Their new Inspirit eco inspired range which is made from bio acetate. Wolf have also moved to sustainable packaging for their glasses, are committed to investing in renewable energy at their head office and are switching to an all-electric fleet for their team.

Coral Eyewear best eco glasses 2022

Coral Eyewear

Another UK-based brand, Coral Eyewear use recovered ocean waste such as fishing nets as for their eco friendly frames. The result is a beautifully lightweight frame which retains its strength.

Bird Eyewear best eco glasses 2022

Bird Eyewear

When designing their frames, Bird considers the entire product life cycle from sustainable raw materials such as wood and recycled metal for their eco friendly eyewear, to ethical manufacturing processes and eco friendly packaging. They’ll even give you up to 40% off a new pair when you recycle your old frames through their recycling programme. If that wasn’t enough, Bird is the first UK eyewear company to become a certified B Corp, which means they have been rigorously verified to ensure they meet the highest standards of social and environmental impact, and balance purpose with profit.

If you’re looking for the best eco glasses brands you can use our practice finder to locate a stockist near you.

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